The All-Electric Building Act Passes

The state legislature and the governor’s office finally came to an agreement of the state budget earlier this week and passed the budget. Buried in the document was the all-electric building act, which will outlaw fossil fueled appliances in new construction beginning December 31 2025. Read More

The CAC Releases the Draft Scoping Plan

Yesterday The Climate Action Council Released the Draft Scoping Plan of the CLCPA (Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act or Climate Act). It is a massive 330 page document which will define energy policy for the state in the coming decades, with an eye toward complete elimination of the use of fossil fuels. Read More


On Monday, April 20, NYS Supreme Court Justice Christina Ryba issued her decision in the matter of NYPGA, et. al. vs. NYS Department of Health (NYSDOH) regarding the location of underground propane tanks (attached). Her decision was an unqualified victory for the NYPGA and the propane industry at large.
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