Access valuable sales tools for your business

Get all the valuable information you need to learn about propane and help your customers make informed decisions when selecting propane-powered appliances for both commercial and residential projects. We’ve compiled fact sheets and case studies from the propane industry. These can serve as important sales tools for your business.

Residential Appliance Fact Sheets

Whether they’re for you or your customers, download these fact sheets for a deeper look at specific, propane-powered residential appliances.

Share important information with your customers! See our Consumer Guide to Purchasing and Using Propane Gas in New York State.

Commercial Appliance Fact Sheets

Download these fact sheets for information about the many propane-powered commercial appliances. They can be powerful tools to help you and your customers decide which propane-powered appliances are right for your projects.

Case Studies

Real-world examples of the advantages of propane are the most effective way to showcase how propane can be the right choice for your customers. These case studies provide compelling answers to questions your customers might have.