The benefits of NYPGA membership are many

Being a member of the NYPGA gives you strength in numbers! Click here for a Member Benefits Overview. Look at all we do:

  • Association Headquarters
    A resource center and archive for association files with personnel available to assist you
  • Education and Training
    Service schools and training for CETP (Certified Employee Training Program), managers, driver safety and emergency response offered at strategic locations throughout the region
  • Marketing
    Marketing support includes consumer awareness campaigns and specific targeted educational marketing promotions. Our website promotes propane, our members and provides links to our strategic partners.
  • Networking
    Members meet potential customers and industry contacts through regional and national trade shows, conventions and meetings.
  • Government Relations & Lobbying Efforts
    We provide a proactive voice in the regulatory process and active monitoring and lobbying at the national, state and local levels. We also participate in developing standards for the propane industry.
  • Safety Information
    This includes publications to aid your business, such as the Consumer’s Guide to Propane. We also provide bulletins and information to educate existing and prospective customers.
  • Emergency Response
    Propane Emergency Response training classes and specialized materials, including interactive training.
  • Communications
    Alerts, newsletters and updates to keep members informed on industry issues.
  • Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities
    Click Here for more information about 2020 NYPGA Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities

Being a member of the association has helped me cultivate friendships and relationships with other like-minded industry professionals. When I have a problem or question about something business-related, there are literally dozens of people I can turn to who have been there, done that.

– Bill Overbaugh, Ehrhart Energy

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