The NY PERC 2024 Safe Installation/Rebate Appliance program begins again on March 1 and will continue through December 31, or until funds are exhausted.

This rebate program demonstrates the propane industry’s commitment to consumer awareness, consumer safety, and the benefits of using propane. Note the 2024 program includes rebates for propane water heaters AND propane boilers and furnaces. This rebate program is offered for either conversions from other fuels to propane or upgrades of equipment from propane-to-propane. As before, the installation of appliances still requires a SAFETY CHECK following the installation.

The 2024 consumer rebates include:

  • Water Heater
    $350 for converting from another fuel
    $200 for replacing an existing propane unit
  • Boiler/Furnace
    $450 for converting from another fuel
    $300 for replacing an existing propane unit

Note: $550 maximum combined rebate if applying for rebates for both boiler/furnace and water heater.

It’s as Easy as Counting to Five

  1. Customer hears about it online
  2. Customer reaches out to you for a quote
  3. You install the appliance and perform a safety inspection
  4. You submit the application
  5. You submit the application
  6. Upon approval, the customer is mailed the rebate check

Rebates for this promotion range from $100 to $350 depending on details of the appliance involved. The SAFETY CHECK must provide required documentation of tests in order to qualify. Certain restrictions apply. In order to access these funds, only a propane marketer may apply for rebates that will be sent to the propane customer. The propane marketer does not have to do the actual installation work, but does need to complete a safety inspection.

Please see the necessary forms and FAQs below.

NY PERC’s Appliances Rebate Program BUYER’S Rebate Application Form

The BUYER’S form is required to be submitted before or upon the installation of equipment. Note: the rebate program is running 3/1/2024-12/31/2024 for installations that occur only during that time frame.

Download the form NYPGA 2024 Appliances BUYERS Rebate Application Form

Marketer Registration “MRF” Form

As part of the NY PERC 2024 Safe Installation/Rebate Appliance program for your customers, all propane marketers are required to complete the MRF form each calendar year. The MRF form must be submitted by your company (for each location) once during 2024, prior to any rebate applications, to participate in the rebate program.

Read the FAQs about the 2024 program

Download the MRF form to email or mail.
Submit the MRF form by completing the online form below:

Fill out my online form.