Training On-Demand

The Safety & Training Committee of the NYPGA offers non-scheduled training.

Private Training vs Training On-Demand

NYPGA Training On-Demand Form

On-Demand Criteria

30 days advance notice is required to schedule a class (CETP or Non-CETP) so that a suitable instructor may be obtained.

The class must be open to outside marketer companies and their employees.

Requestor/host provides the venue, guarantees and pays at the time of the request for a minimum of 10 attendees at the pre-determined class fee published on the NYPGA Safety & Training Schedule of classes.

 3-day class @ $180 per person / non-marketer fee $360
 2-day class @ $130 per person / non-marketer fee $260
 1-day class @ $100 per person / non-marketer fee $200

The requestor/host will be reimbursed for the venue at a rate of $100-$200 per day.  The actual rate will be determined based on negotiated contract pricing in the surrounding area at a local for-hire venue such as a hotel.

The requestor/host will be reimbursed $15 per person per day for food and beverage purchased by them.

Instructor fees will be the responsibility of the NYPGA.

Instructors must have a previously submitted and approved Request for Proposal (RFP) on file with the NYPGA.  The instructors will be contracted by the NYPGA based on their normal rate schedule. 

Newly scheduled classes will be published on the NYPGA website and NYPGA members will be notified by email.